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11 апреля 2018, 05:08

Sleeping Twice A Day is Better, Healthier, and More Natural

Stay on target

I used to just think that sleep was awesome. But as I see first hand how uncaring capitalist society demands to turn every scrap of your life and energy and into monetizable content, I realize that simply knocking out for a third of the day is, in fact, a deeply radical act. But if you want to make your sleep style even more subversive, while also living a healthier and more natural lifestyle, why not try sleeping not once but twice a day?

A new study details how throughout history sleeping in two big chunks every day actually used to be the normal thing to do. Historian A. Roger Ekirch documents examples of “bi-modal” sleeping throughout Europe. Books from the time talk about “first sleep” and “second sleep.” And even things like napping, siestas, and afternoon crashes may be cultural vestiges of when folks were expected to sleep twice a day.

Bi-modal sleep sounds even better when you consider the benefits. Typically you would still sleep from dusk until dawn. But you’d have a nice bit of time in the middle when you can wake up and choose to get some work done or just chill and have sex since you’re already in bed. I remember history majors from college lamenting the lack of this. Devoting more time to sleep encourages you to have a less packed and stressful waking day. It also puts less pressure on you to sleep for an entire eight-hour period, pressure that can cause the very insomnia you’re trying to avoid.

So what changed? We moved to a society that values mass productivity and efficiency over leisurely personal health. We became industrialized. We started making people work night shifts. According to Ekirch upper classes late 17th century, Northern Europeans started this transition, and it trickled down to the rest of the Western world, which then trickled down to the rest of the world.

Need further proof how artificial our modern sleep paradigm is? A 1990s psychological experimental locked people in hours of darkness, and eventually they began sleeping in two deep 4-hour chunks with a 2-hour break in-between.

Adopting a bi-modal sleep schedule today would basically require you to resist all societal expectation for work and socializing. But you know what? There are a lot of things happening in society these days we should be #resisting. So why not make sleep one of them?

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Source: https://www.geek.com/science/sleeping-twice-a-day-is-better-healthier-and-more-natural-1735963/?source=science